31 Days of Prayer


“31 Days of Prayer, Fervent Prayers” by Coach Wendy is a 72-page guide to deepen your faith. Dive into a month of transformative prayers to enhance your spiritual growth, vocation discernment, and daily connection with the Divine.

"31 Days of Prayer, Fervent Prayers" is a meticulously curated 72-page eBook designed for anyone on a spiritual journey seeking to deepen their faith and connection with the Divine. Crafted by Coach Wendy, this eBook provides readers a month-long immersion into prayer. Each day's entry is more than just a prayer; it's an opportunity to reflect, grow, and truly embrace one's spiritual calling. From seeking guidance in discerning one's vocation to cultivating spiritual growth and nurturing a more profound prayer life, this eBook encompasses all aspects of faith. These prayers are tailored to resonate with contemporary believers and are set to rekindle the enthusiasm of faith, making them indispensable for anyone looking to enrich their spiritual journey.