Greetings From Coach Wendy

I specialize in helping driven women, including mompreneurs, dedicated single moms & businesswomen in setting personal and professional goals, honing vital skills, and embracing their distinct talents.

With over 25 years of experience, I’ve had the privilege to help countless individuals achieve success in meaningful ways.

My approach is holistic, which means that all aspects of personal development (such as spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) are considered when working with each client.

My passion is to guide clients on a journey of self-discovery through strategic goal setting, skill development, and powerful mental coaching techniques.

By providing emotional support, guidance, and reassurance, my aim is to break down any barriers keeping my clients from success!

Empower Productivity Toolkit

Kickstart your journey today toward unparalleled growth. This comprehensive toolkit is designed for ambitious individuals aiming to boost their productivity in various life and business aspects. It emphasizes the PSYCHOLOGY of enhancing productivity, not just crafting plans. Because unless you address the limiting beliefs that are truly holding you back, you’ll never fully follow through!

Download now for immediate results streamlining tasks and achieving work-life balance!

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Recently, we teamed up with Wendy, an exceptional life coach, during a rocky patch in our marriage. From day one, Wendy's empathy made us feel truly heard. She not only improved our communication but gave us tools to deeply understand each other's feelings and viewpoints. Wendy is awesome!!

Amanda and Alex S.

Working with Wendy revolutionized our trucking business. She sharpened our vision, boosted revenue, and gave us an edge over competitors with her industry insights. We wholeheartedly recommend Wendy for impactful business guidance and growth.

R Scott, Owner

KC Trucking

Wendy's gift for working with people and pulling the full potential out of everyone was invaluable during her time at Sterling Autobody Centers. Her tenacity in team building and communications skills combined with her ability to inspire and motivate her team members helped her climb our leadership ladder. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic were contagious, making her a true role model for all employees. Her contributions to the company's customer service levels and profitability were outstanding and I am grateful to have had her on my team.

Bob Benjamin, Chief of Operations

Sterling Autobody Centers


After working with Coach Wendy, my transport business increased. She understood my vision, helping me expand my customer base remarkably. Her expertise isn't just coaching; it's genuine business growth.

John Fulton, Owner

JMF Transportation


I had a lovely session with Wendy. I learned a lot about the strategies I should take for my business and how to improve and make good choices. I felt refreshed, energized and ready to achieve my business goals. Thank you for your time, advice and listening ear.

Alice F.